Lorelei Carter | Scorpio | 18 | Elemental Manipulation | FC: Willa Holland | Taken

♪♫ They made her their queen, on the day she was born. They placed on her a crown she wasn’t ready for. ♫♪

Power: Lorelei’s gift is Elemental Manipulation. It didn’t present itself until late in her teens, lying dormant for an extended period of time before she finally discovered it. It allows her to alter the behavior of the elements, making them pliable to her wishes and orders. In all truth, she doesn’t see much of a point to it, there’s so many people at the Academy whom she believes have a stronger, more useful gift. And to put it plainly, she’d rather she didn’t have the gift at all. It makes her unusual, and not in the good way. So she’s getting by with ignoring her powers, and trying to keep them from cropping up. It’s hard to do that at the Academy though,  and she hates being forced to train it. So far she’s done all she can to avoid it, but part of her wonders if it’ll be different now in a new environment. 

+Well Mannered, Hard-Working, Pleasant

-Reserved, Vain, Sheltered


Lorelei grew up sheltered from the more unnatural aspects of her parents lives. All she knew was that they were both in the military, honored with titles and medals of which she didn’t know the meaning of. Patriotism was something that was demanded, not expected, and she was their golden child. The shining example to any other children on the force. It wasn’t a surprise that her powers were masked until adolescence. Her powers unresponsive because, although not many people have figured it out yet, the gift doesn’t work if the person in control of the power is controlled by something else. But with teenage rebellion came the first signs that, like her parents, she was special and they knew that they had to give up their only child to the Academy, where she would be able to learn more than she could at home. 

Lorelei didn’t want to go, she liked being the center of her parents world, and the one person that her friends looked up to. She’d have none of that at the Academy, at least not as easily as at home. Her worries were proven correct, as she was pushed into the background and treated as nothing more than a wallflower when she came to the school. It irks her and she knows that she should hold a much more respected place, but there’s never been a real opportunity to prove herself. She saw the group that was starting to form as her ticket to the top of the ladder. Coming out of the experience with a big heroic story to tell would give her instant likability and popularity. 


Daisy: Although Lorelei wouldn’t consider Daisy a friend in the typical sense of the word, she does see some potential there. Which is exactly why she’s granted the other girl her company. That, and she’s dreadfully alone at the Academy, and Daisy is as close a replica of her old friends as Lorelei could find so far. She’s even begun to warm up to the other girl, learning about her life and history as she shares the same. It’s different somehow than her other friendships have been, less based on power and stigmas and more just on the two getting along. She finds it strange, even if not having to worry about how she looks and acts is a relief. 

Lance: Her first real friend at the Academy, Lorelei was grateful when she saw someone who was like her. So totally out of her usual element it was a relief to find a friendly face. Their relationship isn’t deep by any means, they both have trouble talking about the hard stuff, but she’s aware that there’s something underneath the collected exterior. Slowly, she’s been wanting to find out what it is so that she can help Lance, and with realizing this she’s recognized that she’s not as out of place here as she thought. There’s deeper relationships starting to form than she’s ever had before, and as much as it frightens her, she has to admit that it’s something she’s always wanted. 

Alex: Alex is Lorelei’s best chance of coming out on top through all this. A fact that she’d very aware of. She’s never had a lot to do with him, but she’s begun to pay more attention to him, trying to play the situation in her favor. Still, she hasn’t taken much time to actually get to know him as a person, seeing him only as the object that will get her to her goal, and it’s become a problem. Even at home she was different, her parents raising her to pay at least a little respect towards others, and she’s begun to realize that maybe she should focus on being kind a bit more, because Alex won’t let her get away with her usual tricks.  

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