Nixie Davis | Gemini | 21 | Shape-Shifter | FC: Jemima West | Taken

♪♫ She’s back in the atmosphere, with drops of Jupiter in her hair, she acts like summer and walks like rain. Reminds me that there’s a time to change ♫♪

Powers: Nixie’s gift is Shape-Shifting. It presented itself early on and frightened her parents enough that they abandoned her at the nearest orphanage. She was never really in control of her power, which led her to shifting into random people and animals regardless of who was around to witness it. When she was younger she was often scared of being stuck in someone else’s form, and her gift was always a burden to her, but through the Academy she’s learned to control herself better and she’s come a long way from the frightened out of control girl that she was. She still doesn’t have complete power of her gift though, and it’s something which she wants to achieve before leaving the Academy.

+ Controlled, Fearless, Self-Aware

-Hot Tempered, Critical, Restless


Nixie was always a problem child, her powers becoming recognizable when she was very young, with no possible solution as to how to fix them. It was a blow to her parents, who wanted nothing more than a normal family and without thought they dropped her off at the local orphanage. She was trouble even there, alone, abandoned, and frightened about who, or rather, what she was. Ending up in Juvie more times than she could count on one hand is what finally got her noticed by the Academy. They were scared that their secrets would be revealed by someone who was as out of control as her. So they took her in, with the complete intention of making her as submissive to their requests and ways as possible. 

It didn’t work as they’d planned. She had more of a fight in her than most of the kids they adopted into their family, already used to being taken advantage of and being used. But eventually they managed a different way of calming her down, offering her a chance to take control of her powers and not be the one who was being played. Slowly they believe they’ve been able to tame her. But she’s restless, bored of her habits and she’s broken free from the cage they set her in. The group is her way out, hopefully back into the real world where she now knows she’ll be able to live. Her powers in check and in control of her own future, the Academy don’t realize that she’s stronger than ever, but she knows and she’s on her own team now. 


Izzy: Nixie has always pretended that Nixie is the younger sister she was never allowed to have. Although she doesn’t ever mention it, she sometimes sees what she wanted her old family to be like in Izzy, and it makes her try harder with her than with anyone else. Though very similar, Nixie is concerned about Izzy. Unlike her, she doesn’t seem to be trying to take control of her powers, and Nixie is scared about what will happen when Izzy does push herself too far one day. She knows that she can only slowly encourage the girl, because pushing on her boundaries might just make her recoil all the faster. 

Iris: Nixie doesn’t like things that don’t correspond with her new found rational nature, and Iris is definitely one of those things. She hasn’t yet questioned how she feels about Iris, even though Iris has made her question everything else that she’s worked hard for. There’s a pretend sociable banter behind the mistrust, one that could have resulted in the two being friends if there were different circumstances. Nixie doesn’t believe in the system, but she likes to think she’s a reformed criminal, something that Iris obviously isn’t. She’s afraid of the other girl too, and of the temptation that she lays on the table every time they talk. It’s becoming harder to say no, although she won’t admit that to anyone.

Holly: Nixie sees what she might have been in Holly. The similar backgrounds and the same determination in both of them. But she wasn’t as cunning as Holly with her escape plans and her destinations, and it took her a while to find the right place for herself. Something which she believes Holly hasn’t yet. As much as Holly tries to pretend that everything is perfect in her life, Nixie is one of the few who’s recognized that its not necessarily true, and she wonders if she can stop the girl before she destroys her life completely. She knows how easy it is to blame everyone else for your misfortunes, but she hopes that maybe she can teach the other girl to take responsibility of the things she has done. 

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